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Working with Jody Draper at Keller Williams exceeded any of my expectations. This is my 5th home purchase with a career that has moved me across the country now twice, with that said I have had some good and at best ok realtors in the past buying and selling. Now I can say I have had and if need be will continue in the future to use an exceptional realtor; Jody Draper.  Right away Jody was incredibly friendly and took time to sit down with me to determine what would be a good fit for my specific home buying situation. Jody is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with his time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of several months).  He has a tremendous amount of experience and is highly detailed in every step of the process of making a large purchase such as a home, and if you do not know already buying a home is no easy process.  You need someone experienced to guide you through the steps like Jody.  Jody was willing to meet me late in the evening to view the home I ended up purchasing and put together the offer letter which in the end turned out to be even later that evening.

Jody was very helpful in explaining the entire process and really relieved my stress level even though I was on a limited timeframe of availability to physically look at homes due to work commitments.  I truly believe his expertise helped tremendously in my offer getting accepted and even betting out competing offers of multiple buyers.  I highly recommend Jody!  I hope I’m in this new home for a long time, but if I were to move, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jody again or give him anything but the highest recommendation.

Chass J., Albany, OR