Buyers and sellers experience feelings of stress, disappointment, being wronged, joy, excitement, etc. The full range.

It’s important to remember to decide to enjoy the journey and that it seems all things happen for a reason in hindsight. So for those that can find benefit in “hindsight”, allows us to smooth those highs and lows out and therefore enjoying the process, and remember that it is a process and that all things work toward good.

Time frames are all parties’ “best guess” and those time frames often need to be modified. So being flexible is important to your enjoyment level. Plan your timelines accordingly. Someone along the way will be out for a few days for a variety of reasons, so just like traffic, expect delays.

Banking and government processes always provide difficulties. So don’t be surprised when we get to deal with them.

This isn’t HGTV’s House Hunter – there’s a lot more to it than TV shows.

It takes, on average, 40 people and 100 plus pages of documents to sign and close a real estate transaction plus the hundred pages of loan documents at closing.

It’s complicated but I help you navigate them all. For those who use “other people’s money” for a purchase, the process is far more complicated. It can feel like it is “their way” or the highway. Whoever provides the money also gets to decide the rules.

Inspections – Inspectors can’t catch everything but, in my experience, they do catch most – everything they can, that is. It’s like taking a car to a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection.

Home warranties – These are very custom choices for each individual and property. You will want to spend a little time looking into a few to see which one will be the best fit for you. They don’t cover everything, but they do cover several systems and many people I know have benefited from them. I too have.

Taxes – The sale of a personal residence may be a tax-free event when some things occur. Like all parties on the title (Owners) live in the home 2 out of the last 5 years. Other details may apply so always check with your tax advisor on your situation.

When buying a used home, remember: it is used. So there will be surprises and always things to be done. Even new homes have issues.

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